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Industrial safety and social responsibility

Industrial safety
The mining industry is associated with working in hazardous conditions. Therefore SN Gold Mining company directs maximum efforts to ensure safe working conditions for each employee.

We invest in vocational training of employees and implementation of the best standards and practices in the field of industrial safety.

Also our actions in the field of industrial safety include the promotion of responsible behavior of production personnel, permanent prevention of the risks of accidents at work.

Social responsibility
Social responsibility is one of the fundamental elements of SN Gold Mining business.

Our business units assume social obligations in relation to the region where they operate.

We create new workplaces for the local population, make tax deductions in the regions of the company's presence, and also pay great attention to vocational training and staff development programs, improving working conditions.

One more key component of our social policy is the involvement of local suppliers, contractors and other business representatives to meet the challenges facing the company.

We are in permanent search of opportunities for the development of a workforce of professional and motivated employees.

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